At 6 years old Alex was diagnosed (4/26/10) with Rhabdomayosarcoma, a tumor attached to his diaphragm.

Alex was first treated at The Children’s Hospital Illinois in Peoria. IL and The St Jude Midwest Affiliate in Peoria IL from 4-26-10 to 10-23-11. Alex was treated at The St Jude Children’s research Hospital for Radiation Treatments from 10-25-11 to 12-21-11.We then continued treatments at The Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, IL till 1-16-12. Alex relapsed in June of 2012 just days before his Make A Wish Trip Disney. Alex was again treated at The Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria IL and The St Jude Midwest Affiliate in Peoria IL. Alex gained his Angel Wings at the age of 9 on 3-4-13, we miss him terribly.

Alex and Josh showing off matching hospital bracelets Josh and Alex hang out in bed Alex and Josh sharing a moment

Josh joined Alex’s Adventure when he was given to Alex by The American Legion Family in Dec of 2010. Josh was by Alex’s side through many hospital stays, surgeries and chemotherapy treatments.

Alex was quite protective of Josh and made sure he was well taken care of. Josh has traveled to Chicago for a week, to Memphis TN for 2 months, Disney, and many trips to Peoria IL.
Josh was a support and comfort to Alex through out his Adventure, if Josh did not join us on hospital stays he was waiting at home for Alex to cuddle with.
Josh did go into surgery with Alex and we had a great team of surgeons, nurses, tech, recovery room staff who all understood what Josh meant to Alex and took very good care of the both of them.

I have attached some of the photos of Josh and Alex together.

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