These are some of the questions we are asked most often. We’ve answered just a few. Please feel free to contact us with any you might have.

Q: Can I send Josh directly to the hospital?
Josh can be sent anywhere in the United States and Canada as a gift. We would encourage you however, not to send the gift directly to the hospital. The length of a child’s stay can seldom be predicted and we don’t want Josh to be stuck in a postal bag any longer than needed! We suggest shipping Josh directly to your home, or to the home of a patient, relative, or friend for personal delivery. If you do send Josh directly to the hospital, please let a parent or caregiver know he’s coming. Parents can leave a forwarding address if the child is discharged before Josh arrives.

Q: Can I throw Josh in the washer?
A: Josh ran to hide when he heard this question! Like many dogs, he doesn’t even like a bath, let alone the rinse cycle. Just spot clean him with a damp cloth when necessary.

Q: My child has a disability. Will Josh help?
Josh would be a great pal for your child - all children love him! Now, he's going on vacations, travelling to counseling sessions, and even tagging along for summer camp!

Q: What age is appropriate for Josh?
Any age! However, Josh is most appreciated by those children between the ages of 3-10 years.
"In a few minutes, Dr. Rick took us to a special room. He showed Jessica and her parents black pictures held up to a box with sunlight in it."
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