Become a Partner

Imagine being able to instantly help hundreds of children right in your own community!

Every hour, every day, a child enters the hospital. They are scared. They are worried and they are thrust into an often cold environment far from the comforts of home. That’s why nothing compares to seeing the wide, grateful eyes of a child receiving their very own Josh puppy and I’ll be O.K. book when they enter the hospital. The first-hand experience is unforgettable.

Dr. Randy Lange explains: “One of the best things about becoming a partner is getting the opportunity to see the kids first hand. Children always come in very tentative and quiet, not knowing what is next on their tour of the hospital. But once we share with them the story of Josh and his hospital visit, a transformation occurs. The kids loosen up, begin to interact more, and actually start smiling and talking as soon as the plush Josh puppy is placed in their hands. It is amazing to see these frightened children who show up scared and then leave us more at ease, clutching their Josh puppy and talking to him as they move on. Many kids actually start joking around and laughing—a sure sign they feel less frightened and better prepared for their hospital visit.”

Be part of this transformation. Experience the benefits. Become a Josh and Friends Partner TODAY:

  • Have an Impact: You can make an immediate and positive impact on the lives of children who have to go into the hospital every day.
  • Strengthen Your Organization: You can build a sense of community within your organization, especially if your group is allowed to physically present the I’ll Be O.K. gift package in the hospitals to children.
  • Donate Wisely: You will now exactly what your donation/contribution is doing—providing some child in their community with a book and puppy to make their hospital stay less scary.
  • Branding Power: You will be able to co-brand your organization with Josh and Friends (depending on your level of contribution) and leverage the growing brand of the lovable golden retriever Josh icon and the human-animal bond.

Anyone can write a check. Anyone can donate to a charity. However, there’s immediate satisfaction in writing a check that will immediately impact the life of a child in your own community. The Impact is undeniable:

“If you ask the doctors and nurses at Phoebe-Putney Community Hospital in Albany, Georgia, if the book and puppy make a difference, they will give an enthusiastic and positive response—which is why their hospital foundation provides approximately 1,000 free books and puppies to children having to go into their pediatric surgical hospital annually,” says Dr. Lange. “They have realized that the children who have the book and puppy come into the hospital better-equipped for their stay, are actually better patients, and recover more quickly. Phoebe-Putney has done this for two years now. The project was introduced by a veterinarian who initially donated one dozen books and puppies to the hospital. The nurses and doctors at Phoebe-Putney saw the positive impact and realized they needed more books and puppies and subsequently went to their foundation and requested that every child having surgery in their hospital receive a free book and puppy. The foundation agreed that the project was a valuable component of the hospitals’ plan to make the hospital visits less stressful and frightening for children, and now each child going through the surgery unit receives a free Josh puppy and book.”

Become part of the many success stories. Become a Josh and Friends partner today and experience the joy of touching a child’s life!