Our Stories: True Tails

How did you know I liked dogs so much?

As soon as he opened the box and found the dog he said, “How did you know I liked dogs so much?” He immediately put on his glasses and opened the book and started reading with Josh at his side… The patient called his dad via Red Cross communications, (active duty, location unknown) and was telling him all about “his new dog Josh” and a book all about him!

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Emily and Josh

On January 23, 2007 our 6 year old daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor called Rhabdomyosarcoma. It was in her left kidney and attached to her pancreas, diaphragm and spleen. The surgeons were able to remove all visible pieces but the tumor did break... read more

Easton, Josh and Big Sister Mikayla

My little brother Easton was in a horrible sledding accident this past Saturday. He was airlifted the Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. He had brain surgery and is doing much better. He just got a present from the hospital, a little dog named Josh!! Looks like he has a... read more

The Story of Alex and Josh

At 6 years old Alex was diagnosed (4/26/10) with Rhabdomayosarcoma, a tumor attached to his diaphragm. Alex was first treated at The Children’s Hospital Illinois in Peoria. IL and The St Jude Midwest Affiliate in Peoria IL from 4-26-10 to 10-23-11. Alex was... read more

Alicia Ciszewski: An Arduous Medical Journey

Alicia readily identified with Josh’s situation: doctors, blood work, examinations, I.V. fluids, anesthesia, AND SURGERY! I could see that Alicia was holding Josh tighter and tighter: Suddenly, Josh’s creditability was innocently challenged: Josh’s surgery was over and Alicia asked if he had a scar…

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Josh Beverlin: A Brother’s Love

“Josh” the dog was there every step of the way. When it was time for the IV, Josh refused to let them stick him until he had “Josh” the dog by his side. During the long night after Josh’s emergency surgery our Josh clutched “Josh” the dog to his chest and found a few minutes of sleep here and there with the comfort of his favorite stuffed pet.

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Jake & Nick Fiveash: The Family Companion

Thank you so much for my surprise Josh. I truly love him! Ironically, when we returned from Disney, Josh was put to work. My brother, Jake, had to go to the doctor. He had a high fever and terrible cough. (He kept all of us awake at night!) Anyhow, he had to get blood drawn and a chest X-ray.

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Grayson Howard: The Symbol of Josh

We read your kind letter and Josh’s book to Grayson while he waited to be taken to surgery. Josh helped all those around him, from the little bothers who needed to cuddle to the adults who literally needed to hold on to something as we waited through those long hours.

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