Current Partners

Powerful partnerships have proven key to the growing momentum and impact of the Josh and Friends project across North America. It’s because of our valued partners that our mission has extended to thousands of hospital rooms we could never have reached on our own. We’re proud to highlight our relationships with several honored charities including The Children’s Miracle Network, The American Legion Family, The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Student Chapters of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA), as well as a number of organizations and businesses local to the Knoxville area.

The Children’s Miracle Network

The Children’s Miracle Network is the largest children’s charity in the world with 174 premier children’s hospitals in North America and a valued partner of the Josh and Friends project. In 2005, CMN treated more than 17 million children. CMN hospitals provide more than $2.5 billion worth of free medical care each year to children unable to pay for their care. Here are some other amazing stats about this organization:

  • Treat 98% of all children needing heart or lung transplants
  • Treat 88% of all children with cancer
  • Treat 76% of all children with cystic fibrosis
  • Treat 90% of all children with sickle cell anemia
  • Treat 72% of all U.S. children with pediatric AIDS
  • Devote 60% of their services to children under age 6 and 25% to newborns
  • Train 60% of pediatricians and 80% of all pediatric specialists
  • Educate families about issues like child safety seats, helmet
  • safety and bike safety

To find out more, visit the Children’s Miracle Network at

The American Legion Family

The American Legion family includes the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary. This honored organization has personally escorted countless books and Josh puppies into the hands of hospitalized children throughout North America. Visit them at

The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Student Chapters of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA)

The AVMA and SCAVMA have adopted Josh and Friends as an official fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. Josh and Friends is currently working with the veterinary community and student chapters in all the veterinary schools in North America as they partner to place books and Josh puppies in hospitals. Visit them at

Other Valued Partners

Each day, local organizations are stepping up to support this important project. Other groups that have partnered locally with Josh and Friends include the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, Re/Max Preferred Properties, and countless individual “friends” who have donated books and Josh puppies to children in need.

A special note of interest: Rich and Pattie Levenson, owners of the local Re/Max Preferred Properties in Knoxville, annually sponsor the Josh and Friends Golf Tournament. The Levenson’s donate all proceeds from this tournament to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to provide every child participating in the hospital pre-admission tour program a free I’ll Be O.K. book and Josh puppy. Thousands of dollars have been raised with many children benefiting year-round from this fun yet worthwhile event.