Frequently Asked Questions

What's the plush Josh puppy?

The plush Josh puppy, which accompanies the book, is probably the most important part of the project for the child going into the hospital. At the end of the book, Josh explains how well he did during his “adventure in getting well” and, at the same time, lets the child know he will be with them when they go through their own “adventure in getting well.”

So when Mom or Dad, or whoever, finishes reading the book, they explain that the plush Josh puppy gets to accompany the child to the hospital and stay with the child while in the hospital. For example:

  • When the child checks into the hospital and gets their wrist I.D. bracelet, the Josh puppy gets his own I.D. bracelet (if hospital policy allows).
  • When the child has to go for an x-ray, MRI or CT Scan; the Josh puppy can accompany the child while the images are being taken.
  • When a blood sample must be obtained, the Josh puppy gets a bandage placed over the same spot where the child had the blood drawn.
  • If surgery is required, Josh will accompany the child when parents are not permitted, providing comfort to both child and parent(s). Josh provides therapeutic and emotional support both before and after surgery.

Josh becomes the child’s best friend—one who never leaves the child alone—in essence, Josh becomes a friend who simply by being there makes the hospital visit less scary, and he is instrumental in changing the visit into an “adventure in getting well.” It utilizes the age-old miracle we call the human-animal bond in a very unique and uplifting way!Josh Toy

When will my order ship?

Orders will typically be shipped within 48 hours of the receipt of the order (holidays and weekends may delay this briefly). If necessary, expedited shipping is available.

Do all hospitals allow my child's Josh plush puppy to accompany my child throughout their hospital stay?

While many hospitals allow Josh to accompany the child throughout their stay, it is up to individual hospital policy as to their level of accommodation.

How will Josh help my child?

Josh will provide immediate comfort and security for your child during their hospital stay. Numerous testimonials recount that Josh has helped comfort sick children and aid in the healing process. Many times, a critical bond of comfort, trust and companionship is formed that helps children face some difficult times in the hospital.

How can my service organization become involved in The Josh Project?

Your organization can purchase books and puppies to be given to deserving children in your community. Please contact us to learn more about our corporate purchasing program.

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