Good afternoon gentleman,

I want to copy an e-mail from my co-worker Hannah. She is a Child Life Specialist who also works with the kids at Children’s Hospital at Memorial.


” I just brought the Josh box to the kiddo in room 42##.  As soon as he opened the box and found the dog he said, “How did you know I liked dogs so much?”  =)  He immediately put on his glasses and opened the book and started reading with Josh at his side.  His mom was not very engaged at all and was really short in her answers to me.  She didn’t seem willing to discuss what was going on at all.  I think this provided the patient with a perfect opportunity to talk about what’s going on with him.  He will be getting sedated for a procedure today and will definitely relate to Josh’s story. 
Thanks for the great resource!


As a follow up, this afternoon, following his procedure, the patient was very animated as he compared his procedure and the story in the book. His mother was more engaged, (less frightened) and shared in the conversation. The patient called his dad via Red Cross communications, (active duty, location unknown) and was telling him all about “his new dog Josh” and a book all about him!
I agree with Hannah, this is a great resource, and I am proud to share the generosity of the American Legion Centennial Post 209 with the kids here at Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital.


Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Keith
Staff Chaplain
Memorial Hospital University of Colorado Health

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