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March 6, 2006

Dear Mr. Lesher, Dr. Lange and Josh,

Thank you so much for my surprise Josh. I truly love him! Ironically, when we returned from Disney, Josh was put to work. My brother, Jake, had to go to the doctor. He had a high fever and terrible cough. (He kept all of us awake at night!) Anyhow, he had to get blood drawn and a chest X-ray. Since Mommy had read Josh’s story to us, Jake knew about each procedure. Although he was scared, he kept repeating, “I’ll be O.K.” Then that very day, Mommy came home to find my surprise box from Josh! As she read the letter, tears of joy ran down her face. She was overwhelmed with your kindness.

We have all managed to catch Jake’s illness. All three Josh’s have accompanied each of us to the doctor. Even Mommy borrowed mine—but only for a couple of hours! Finally we are all on the mend. Still though—Jake talks about his favorite doctor—Dr. Rick (Maybe we shouldn’t tell Dr. Lange—we know about that twin rivalry!)

We all sleep with each of our Josh’s every night. Jake tries to collect them all so he can have his own personal litter but Mommy makes him share.

I do apologize for the tardiness of my response. Mommy and Daddy have been too sick to send this note. (Although I am proficient on the computer, they won’t let me “surf” by myself!)

Well, I have to go to school now. So I better close for today.

Daddy has promised that we will make a road trip to see Josh! But please know that if Josh’s travel brings him to Birmingham, he and his entourage have a place to stay. We have two acres of fenced play area in need of a dog!

Thanks again. You really made my Mom’s day and I LOVE my Josh!

Love—Nick Fiveash


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