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"Hi! My name is Josh, and I'm a Golden Retriever You know, blond and loving with a tail that just won't stop wagging!"

Meet Josh!

Yes, there really is a Josh!

And he lives with Dr. Randy Lange, a veterinarian and his family.

Like every parent, Dr. Lange hated to see his daughter, Jessica, terrified of her upcoming tonsillectomy. He was frustrated at the lack of materials explaining surgery and offering comfort at a child’s level.

During her recovery at a local Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Dr. Lange also developed a very deep concern for the children he saw without loved ones present. Work and other responsibilities often force parents to leave these youngsters alone in the hospital.

His concern for both Jessica and the children he met led him to write I’ll Be O.K. and to create Josh. In writing I’ll Be O.K., Dr. Lange consulted pediatricians, nurses, and surgeons to ensure that the procedures are very close to those experienced by children. Dr. Lange has been in practice for over 25 years and understands the powerful bond between humans and animals.

In real life, Josh is just like he’s portrayed in I’ll Be O.K. - adventurous and playful! Dr. Lange and Josh do make public appearances. To see if they’re appearing in your area or to find out how to schedule an appearance at a conference, parenting fair or other special event, to email us.