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Josh is making new friends every day. He loves nothing better than to be in the arms of a child who is comforted by his story and his presence.

True life stories of Josh and his special friends

Last year Children’s Miracle Hospitals treated over 17 million children. Since 1999 Josh & Friends has helped over 20,000 children.

Josh & Friends is helping children in all 50 states, Canada, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

This simple book and puppy has made a huge difference when children have to go in for medical or surgical care in the hospital.

The sense of accomplishment from knowing that young patients have been comforted keeps us motivated.

Do you have a story to share? Click here to tell us about how Josh has made a difference in your child's life.

We will be adding stories as we receive them. Check back to read how the adventures of Josh and his story friends are impacting the lives of children everywhere.