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Josh wants to be a child’s best friend, and he’s bringing along some of his pals to help.

JoshCo books

I'll Be O.K.

This story highlights Josh and a serious surgery he is facing. He talks about hospital visits, tests, and surgery from a dog's point of view, a perspective shared by children. Josh introduces us to several of his friends in the book.

First, there’s Jessica. Josh fell in love with this young lady when the family took him in as a puppy. She’s his number one best friend. Smudge is his best dog buddy. Smudge tries to keep Josh out of trouble, but she’s rarely successful. Then, there’s Dr. Rick, Josh’s own special doctor. At first, Josh doesn’t know what to think about this guy who’s pinching and poking him. Very quickly however, Dr. Rick earns a place in a very close circle of friends.

Josh has other animal friends, too. Each faces a different challenge common in both the animal world and childhood. Josh will introduce these friends later in a new series of Josh adventure books.

Illustrator Betsy Tarpley Lesher brought the story of Josh, Jessica and Smudge to life with her unique style of illustration. She gives the book a fresh, upbeat look that reflects the story’s positive outlook on a serious subject.